Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Customize your sliding doors with wallpaper or gift wrap

Frosted glass sliding doors can be costly and heavy! If you are thinking of making sliding doors to a customized height, why not go an extra step and make it even more personal? Let me show you how you can create beautiful doors without costing an arm and a leg with full frosted glass sliding doors.

Ask your supplier and see if they do plexy glass doors. IF they do, you are in for a fun process! You can insert your choice of paper, pictures, artwork between the glass and the door itself. In this case, I chose the middle panel to be the plexy glass panel and found a subtle white on white textured wrapping paper by Paprus. This wrapping paper mimics the floral pattern on the chair fabrics I have just upholstered in the last post. It's beautiful, elegant and sophisticated! The other 2 panels are MDF boards with a tone on tone wood grain pattern. It is not jarring from far away, but when you are close to the panels, you can see the details. In additional, I have used silver brushed frame to tie in the silver/gray fabric from the upholstered white chair beside it. Why have big-box frosted glass doors when you can add some flair to the room and be cost effective!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mixing up the Bedding

By: Tara Seawright
People assumes that my place must be stunning because I do decoration for other people. Well, the truth is, my place has always been just a miss-mesh of things thrown into one place - not quite appealing of course. So, the last little while I have been trying to decorate my place before my wedding.(Finally!)

I find it a lot harder to decorate my own place than any of my clients...I guess I have grown so accustomed to the place of that I have a much higher expectation for my own place. None the less, something needs to be done.

First place - my (our) bedroom
I was sleeping on only a mattress  before with a comforter that matches my pillow cases and nothing else. 2 ikea portable roll-able hangers....and that was pretty much it!

A bed frame for a bed is definitely a key component to a bedroom - it should be a piece where it is comfortable but creates a statement in your room. Mattress on the floor is definitely a "no".

The next thing I need to look for is the bedding. I think that can either make it or break it. I think the easiest and the most common thing people would do to choose their bedding is buying the comforter sets. Usually it comes with a duvet, pillow cases, fitted sheet, flat sheet. etc. It is nice, but it can be quite expansive to have to buy a few sets to interchange. you may end up spending hundreds of dollars!

A smarter choice would be buying ONE good comforter, and buying a few different sheet sets that can work together harmoniously like the photo above, whether in colours, texture, or pattern.

Also, if your bedroom furniture is already very bold in colour, try using sheet sets that are lighter in colour. The colours are the used on your bed (bedding, bed sheets, etc.) will dictate the overall ambiance of the room.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dramatic Entrance

Yesterday I have posted a soft, pretty palette for the ladies. Today, we have something more bold for the men!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fresh White Chair

In December I was doing a renovation project for the church office. We had some fairly old chairs but still in decent shape. I thought, "why not paint it white and upholster it for a try?" From drap to fab! Voila! Now it looks brand new and it matches the colour scheme of the library! Next time when you see an old piece of furniture that looks tired, don't throw it out! Think about how you can turn it into YOUR advantage. It saves the environment and allows you to customize it to the way you want! Happy Upholstering!
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